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What is Social Media?

By September 10, 2014October 26th, 2015Digital Marketing Tips

social-media-marketing-agencySocial media is about connecting, communicating and relationship building. With 99% of Australians now using the internet, and 69% of people accessing social media daily, ignoring social media is not a good plan.

It is a really great way for small businesses to engage with potential customers, increase brand awareness and ultimately, boost sales. While the hashtags, real-time communication and analytics may seem overwhelming, the benefits of this marketing powerhouse are many.

Did you know that your customers might be:

  • Taking a photo at your business and then posting it on their Facebook wall.
  • ’Checking-in’ at your business on Facebook so that all their friends can see where they have been and what they have been up to.
  • Recommending or criticising your business to their friends via Facebook, Tripadvisor, Instagram or Twitter.

Your customers are very likely sharing photos and videos of them with you on their social media pages. Therefore it makes sense to encourage them to tag your business in their social media updates to get some free word of mouth marketing for your business.

Your customers could be talking about you whether you like it or not. Can you afford not to join in?

The major social media platforms that can be used to benefit your tourism business are: Facebook, Tripadvisor, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. You don’t need to try and cover all of these mediums, but your marketing strategy should include at least one or two.

If you would like some one on one training and be on your way to creating a simple social media strategy for your business, register your interest with Michelle, our membership support consultant.