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New Member: Margaret River Juice Company

The Margaret River Juice Company is located in the heart of Margaret River at the top of town (next to the Fudge Factory). They are WA owned and use top quality WA produce, featuring a very large menu providing fresh squeezed juice on order with fruit or veggies and tasty smoothies with a twist. And they are much more than a juice bar… They make fresh raw salads on site everyday – not just boring green leaves, they mix it up and cater to many needs and tastes. They are vegan friendly, gluten free and ACTUALLY healthy; they don’t use any self brought dressings (there is no sugar or flour in the shop) and they make light and vitamin-filled dressings to give you a boost. They also make “too many to choose from” Healthy Treats. These raw desserts are with no guilt or rubbish mixed in, just wholesome nuts and lots of other exciting ingredients.

Best of all – they do Juice Cleanses! 1, 2, 3 day cleanses to restart you into shape and combat feeling down. With friendly, helpful service every time, they would love to see you daily.

Location: 2/152 Bussell Highway
Hours: Open daily