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Full Name:  Tony Fletcher

Position:  Business Development Manager

Location:  Margaret River Visitor Centre, upstairs with the Membership team

How long have you been part of the team: 8 days

Favourite part of the job: The buzz and enthusiasm that seems to be in the air regarding the joining of the two groups.

Detail your perfect Margaret River Region day:

I like to start the day with an early morning walk with my wife and the dog through the bush into town for a coffee – rain or shine it’s a good way to wake up – and on most Saturdays we would then hit the Farmers Market before heading down to the beach (always with the dog) for a swim and another coffee.  We’ll generally vary it between Augusta, Gnarabup or Dunsborough depending on how the day is looking and you can’t get bored with the drive – it just reminds me how good we have it down here.

The afternoon would be a choice between windsurfing if it’s windy or mountain biking if it’s not, and then finishing off the day down at Surfers Point watching the sun set. I’ve seen plenty of dolphins and quite a few whales, but I’m still waiting to see a green flash.