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The second round of stakeholder consultation in the development of the regional brand has been completed this week. Representatives from the Association’s member businesses and staff as well as local industry bodies came together to review the brand identity and creative in a series of workshops.

Block Branding will now work through feedback before presenting the final piece of work to be signed off by the MRBTA Board. We look forward to keeping you updated.

A team of web developers, photographers and a copywriter has been assembled to work with the Association’s marketing team on the new destination website to be launched on 1 July. A project kick off meeting took place on 27 March, which outlined the four key areas of the website vision and direction:

  1. Mobile First: The website will be based on a responsive WordPress template and will feature redesigned responsive BookEasy gadgets.
  2. Measurable and Malleable: Website performance will be constantly monitored and improved.
  3. Content is King: Resources will be invested to ensure that the website is a constant source of fresh, inspiring and useful content.
  4. Conversation & Engagement: The website will incorporate new features to foster two-way communication with visitors to the region.