Staff Profile: Jenny Lee

By April 15, 2015 April 17th, 2015 Marketing & Membership team blog

Full Name:  Jenny Lee

Position:  Marketing Coordinator, GBTA

Location: Busselton

How long have you been part of the team: 2 years in July

Favourite part of the job: I’m currently loving being part of the team that’s working on the new destination website

Detail your perfect Margaret River Region day: It would definitely involve a swim at the beach. Eagle Bay is a special one as we got married there last year. I’d then go for a late lunch at Eagle Bay Brewing Co., which my husband has started to call ‘church’ as he goes there so religiously! I’d follow that up with a scoop of coconut chocolate fudge ice cream at Simmo’s. In the evening I’d go down to Cape Mentelle Movies and watch a girly film with my best friend Tash. I missed out on seeing ‘The Theory of Everything’ during the summer, so I’d love to have another chance to see that.