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Staff Profile: Michaela Mitchell

Full Name:  Michaela Mitchell

Position:  Tourism Consultant

Location: Busselton and Dunsborough visitor centre

How long have you been part of the team: I was fortunate enough to start as a work experience student in February 2013, in my final school year. This consisted completing 1 day a week for the full school year. During this time I had found an exceptional amount of passion within the tourism industry and loved promoting our sensational region. In the final school term it was clear that this was something I wanted pursue on with and start my working career. I was offered a traineeship, studying a certificate 3 In Hospitality With Aspects 0f Tourism, of which I completed in February 2015.

Favourite part of the job: My Favourite part of the job would be learning something new everyday. There is always something new or different that happens within the centre, there is never a dull day. I love meeting and interacting with people from all around the world and sharing what our beautiful South West has to offer.

Detail your perfect Margaret River Region day: My perfect Margaret River Region day would start by travelling from Busselton to Dunsborough to Happs Winery. I love the sweet selection that Happs have to offer and the beautiful tranquil gardens where you can sit down and relax. My second stop would focus more in the direction of the Capes. I would journey to the amazing Sugarloaf Rock then lunch at Eagle Bay Brewery. I would then come back down Cape Naturaliste Rd and journey down Caves Road towards Margaret River. Injidup would be my next stop. I love driving to the end of Wyadup Brook Rd and walking a short part of the Cape To Cape, leading me to the natural Injidup Spa. From here I would then visit the delicious Margaret River Nougat Company, then my return journey to Busselton along Bussell Hwy.