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A picture is worth 1000 words!

Do your photos tell a story?

Like any other promotional activity, the imagery you select for your web listing at should not only showcase your product but also convey a positive and enjoyable experience. In our experience, the better the images on your web page, the longer potential visitors spend engaging with your business or product, which leads to a better chance of conversion.

8 steps to photo success

  1. Grab your digital camera or smartphone
  2. If you’re shooting interiors, turn off the flash, turn on the lights and let as much light into the room as possible
  3. Style and frame the shot! Have you removed any clutter, personal items, fluffed that cushion or straightened that blind before you snap.
  4. Take 10-20 photos of your business in the landscape format (not portrait)
  5. Choose at least 7 best of those images to upload to Bookeasy..if you have more the gallery allows up to 32 images if suitable to your product
  6. Make sure NOT to upload your logo as your ‘primary thumbnail’ in Bookeasy. The ‘primary thumbnail’ should be the best image of your business that you have – in the industry this is called your hero shot!
  7. Make sure you upload the original image files or best quality you have. If they are professional shots, your photographer may have provided a high-res (for print media) or low-res (digital use) format, use the digital version. Don’t use images from Instagram or Facebook accounts as these images have already been compressed by the application.
  8. Show your page on to friends, family and staff to get feedback on your images.

Image technical requirements

Different websites and social media platforms may have slightly different guidelines as to the technical requirements of your imagery – its size, format and resolution. For Bookeasy specifically,  your images should meet the following requirements before uploading:

  • Formatted as a jpeg (.jpg) file type
  • Formatted to an ultimate pixel size 1920 wide x 1280 pixels height (landscape).
  • A web-friendly resolution – usually around 72-96 dots per inch (dpi)
  • Images much larger than 1MB in size will take a long time to load, so try to keep the file size to around 1MB

If your images aren’t already formatted to the suggested requirements above you may need the assistance of a photo editing programs like Photoshop, iPhoto (Mac), Microsoft Paint or Office Picture Manager. If such software is not available on your device, a good free online version to assist would be an option like PicMonkey which has some simple to use editing and creative tools, as well as the ability to compress the file size before saving your changes.

If you are unable to meet the above requirements, consider taking a new suite of photos or hiring the services of a professional to help you.

Member Photography Packages & Destination Image Library

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