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As you  may  be aware, the City of Busselton have decided to demolish the Nautical Lady tower in order to progress the next exciting phase of the Busselton Foreshore Redevelopment. Under the original plan, the Busselton Visitor Centre would have moved directly from its current location to its permanent home on the Foreshore, at Railway House.

The earlier than expected demolition means that the Busselton Visitor Centre will operate from a temporary building from early June 2015, until Railway House is completed. The temporary building we be located in between The Goose and The Equinox and you can check out what it will look like below.

Operating visitor servicing on the Busselton Foreshore has proved extremely successful, with the number of visitors through the door more than doubling to in excess of 200,000 annually. Plans for our new permanent location at Railway House are underway with BJECA and the City, and we are looking forward to continuing to be a part of the vibrant Busselton Foreshore.