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Margaret Rivers first Single Malt Whiskey

The Grove Experience is already famous for home-grown and distilled liqueurs, spirits & craft beer, the team has released the Margaret River Region’s first Single Malt Whiskey.

A special limited 90 bottle release distilled by The Grove’s artisan distiller James Reed who has mastered the craft of distilling spirits by travelling the world to gain knowledge and experience for his passion in creating fine top shelf spirits.

Nurtured in small 50 litre barrels for 2 years and 3 months it rivals Whiskies four times it’s age. Non filtered, no flavours or colour addition, allowing the full complexity of the spirit to shine through. Presented with a Certificate of Authentication each 500ml bottle is individually etched with the bottle number and distillers signature. Beautifully protected in a hand-crafted Tasmanian Oak, felt lined bespoke box, by Kangaroo Valley Woodcrafts. Matching bottle numbers etched on the oak door front and tasting notes for this rare release conveniently displayed on the inside of the oak door create a very special collectors ensemble. The 50 litre barrels have been manufactured to the distillers specifications by an Australian Cooperage from new white American oak that aged The Grove’s American Style Spirit.

Not to mention they recently released a range of delicious 18+ hand made fudges using a few of their famous liqueurs. The range includes some mouth watering flavours! To name a few: Chocolate & Coconut and Rum, Butterscotch, Salted Macadamia, Turkish Delight & Ginger.

Stop by The Grove soon to try for yourself!

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