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UPDATE: Proposed removal of WET Tax Rebate

The AMRTA & GBTA are currently lobbying against changes proposed in the state budget that will affect tourism in our region, regarding the potential for removal of the Wine Equalisation Tax rebate, which would negatively impact businesses reliant on the wine industry.

For all members who hold concerns regarding the removal of the rebate, please be aware that CEO of AMRTA Pip Close has been in talks with and written to Stephanie Buckland, CEO of Tourism Western Australia as well as Ministers Terry Redman and Barry House to lobby the Minister of Housing, Racing and Gaming Colin Holt against the proposed changes.

View the letter here.

Update: CEO of Tourism WA has responded to Pip’s letter, you can read her response here. The Hon Barry House – MLC Member for the South West Region has also sent his own correspondence, and received an encouraging response from Hon Kim Hames, the Minister for Tourism, which you can read here.

We will keep you posted on any further changes.