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We encourage you to continue to use #Restaurant Australia, as the Tourism Australia social media team are still looking for fresh images and content to repackage the best food and wine content across their channels – including the very popular “What Australia Ate this Weekend” album every Monday.

Recently our very own Marketing & Communications Coordinator Victoria had one of her pics featured on the Australia facebook page with over 1,300 likes and 46 shares, and considering the more than 6 million likes on their facebook page, that is a very wide audience! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #RestaurantAustralia when uploading your own foodie pics onto social media, and your image could be featured by the TA social media team.

To support the Restaurant Australia campaign, they have also asked industry to continue to submit food and wine story ideas to international media via [email protected]. will be curated and integrated into the new forming the food and wine sections of the site by September. We will continue to curate the very best of food and wine content and publish regular updates to the news section of the website.

Tourism Australia’s international teams are continuing to roll out content from the Invite the World to Dinner influencers on Weibo and WeChat (China) and facebook (HK) and other social channels, and Food and Wine will remain a priority for their International Media Hosting Program and other major focus areas such as the Best of Australia program through Ultimate Winery Experiences of Australia.