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Staff Profile: Sunny Thompson

Full Name: Sunny Skye Pasco-Thompson

Position: Trainee Tourism Professional

Location: Margaret River

How long have you been part of the team: Around 9 Month’s

Favourite part of the job: I’ve recently joined the Marketing and Membership team and am really enjoying working in such a busy interesting environment, I’m always learning so much! Before that I was working as a Cave guide for the last 4 months- you get to meet and interact with people from all around the world sharing what our beautiful South West has to offer.

Detail your perfect Margaret River Region day: Waking up just before dawn to catch some waves and then take my dog Winston down through the bush for a run. After that I’d head out to Jesters Flat for a horse ride through the bush with some friends. Packing up a picnic for a late lunch to enjoy with some girlfriends at The Point as the sun goes down. Then finishing off the day a good game of Underwater Hockey (Yes.. This is a real sport)