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Review Express for Trip Advisor & how to respond to reviews

Review Express is a shiny new tool from TripAdvisor that allows businesses to send bulk emails to guests asking them to write reviews, which are then published on TripAdvisor.

The goal of the service is to increase the number and quality of ratings and reviews that tourism businesses receive. On average, regular Review Express users see an uplift of 28 percent in reviews for their property, according to TripAdvisor.

Reminder e-mails are a great way to generate fresh reviews, build ongoing relationships with guests and potentially impact your popularity ranking.

Don’t have an e-mail programme in place? TripAdvisor’s Review Express can help!

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Okay so I've got my first review. Now what?

Thank the reviewer for taking the time to share their experience. Avoid using the same standard reply for every response, as that can come across as repetitive and insincere. Refer to the reviewers’ positive comments about your property to both personalize your response and reiterate the compliment to your potential guests.

How do I respond to a positive review?

TripAdvisor offers lots and lots of information to help businesses use the site to its full advantage, and there is some great advice about responding to reviews here.

Here’s what they say about responding to negative and positive reviews…

A prompt response shows prospective guests that you take customer service seriously, and adds your perspective on the situation to the original review. This allows future guests to hear your side of the story as soon as possible.

When replying, remember that your Management Response will be seen not just by the reviewer, but also by potential guests who are considering booking. In a recent PhoCusWright survey, 70% of respondents said that an aggressive/defensive Management Response to a bad review made them less likely to book that hotel. If you don’t agree with the reviewer, or feel they are being unfair, relay your side of the story in a polite and unemotional way.

Express your appreciation for the traveler’s business and for writing a review. Demonstrate that all feedback is important to you, be it good or bad. Also, if possible, provide an empathetic apology for any shortfalls.

 How to respond to a negative review?

  • Be courteous and professional

  • Respond quickly

  • Thank the reviewer

  • If the review contains a specific complaint, explain what you have done to fix the issue so potential guests are reassured that the problem is resolved.

  • Highlight the positives

  • Address the specific issues

  • Highlight any positive comments the reviewer has made. You can even take the opportunity to mention related services or planned upgrades that you would like to share with potential guests.