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Share your ‘hidden gem’ moments with Tourism WA

Cummins&Partners (C&P), Tourism WA’s strategic and marketing partners, are reaching out to industry as they develop a global brand campaign to encourage people to choose WA for their next holiday.

C&P would like operators to share those “hidden gem” holiday moments that blow visitors away and make their trip unforgettable. The experience may be one that hasn’t necessarily been planned or part of a tour itinerary; often they are small, unexpected experiences visitors have along the way.

For example, earlier this year, one of the C&P team went on a cruise of the Ord River in Kununurra with Triple J tours. A unexpected moment of his trip was when the boat stopped and the Archer Fish in the river spat water in his face. It was this moment, coupled with the spectacular scenery, that gave him a deeper, more extraordinary experience of WA. This unexpected moment has given him an emotional connection to WA, and has been the catalyst for him to share his holiday adventure and encourage others on the merits of visiting WA, well after the trip has ended.

These unexpected moments are exactly what C&P are after so if you have witnessed one, or heard of one, please contact Katy Peterson [email protected] by COB Wednesday, 14 October.

Tourism WA thanks you for supporting this campaign and we very much look forward to sharing the final product with you.