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Margaret River Woodfire Bread

New Member- Margaret River Woodfired Bread

The whole place smells of dough and flour and crusts, it’s divine.  The bread doesn’t come out of he oven till 3pm because it’s so late (by bakers standards) the guys don’t seem too crazy…if you have known many bakers and pastry chefs you will know they can often be a little bent from a lifetime of getting up at 2 am and sleeping all day, but Santana and Glenn are very amiable, seemed to love what they do and happy to talk about their products.



Sometimes being conservative can be quite progressive. When it comes to BREAD for example.

Locally bio dynamic grown grain stone ground to the finest flour, gently kneaded in a slow moving dough mixer and carefully fermented over many hours. Then individually hand-molded and rested, then ready for the oven . From the farm all the way through to the oven, no  chemical treatment or mechanical abuse takes place. The ovens are built from volcanic stones and heated by the flickering flames of genuine woodfire.

The loaves then are placed on to the hot stone and baked until they are well done. (Well done bakers!)

This sounds rather old fashioned but in the case of bread it is just common sense.