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Revised operator page layout at

By July 26, 2016November 14th, 2016Bookeasy, Get Involved

The destination website team has been hard at work again behind the scenes to improve the design of the operator pages, and an updated layout was rolled out earlier this week. Take a look at your operator page at to see the difference.

What have the changes involved?

The emphasis of the changes has been on:

  • Integrating the new ‘high resolution’ images available from Bookeasy
  • Better use of screen space on mobile devices
  • Cleaner layout

What do I need to do now?

  • Check your images. The absolute ideal dimensions for your images are 1920 pixels wide x 1280 pixels high. Bookeasy have now updated their system to allow for images of this size! We strongly encourage members to re-upload their images to Bookeasy to take advantage of this change. The file needs to still be in .jpeg format and compressed to web based resolution to upload (approx. 72dpi).
  • Check your Business Details. When you’re logged into Bookeasy, find the “Setup” menu and click on “Business Details” to update the text that appears on your page. The text you enter in the “Point of difference” box will show up first, followed immediately by the text you enter in the “Business description” box.
    Tip: When consumers are in the research phase of their travel planning, they flick between lots of pieces of information in a short space of time, so don’t waste time in selling your business and remember to include the most important information that sells your business first.
    Tip: Remember that you know your customers best, so write with them in mind and use key words to help with SEO.

When will the content update?

Changes to the copy and image content from your Bookeasy console is designed to sync and update overnight (tour & accommodation pricing & availability will updates in real-time). If you would like to review your changes instantaneously, we have installed a handy ‘sync from Bookeasy’ function button, located in the bottom left corner on individual operator pages:


Once the update is complete (may take several seconds) simply refresh your browser!

Other helpful Bookeasy hints

Get more help with your Bookeasy pages with these helpful articles:

What’s next for

We’ll be focusing on the business listing pages (wineries, restaurants, services etc). We’re looking to better categorise, tag and map members so visitors can more easily find the business they’re looking for.