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Content marketing framework & annual calendar

Consumer-facing content marketing is a cornerstone of the MRBTA strategic marketing plan, and an essential element of the activity needed to achieve its marketing objectives around ‘Consumer Engagement’ and ‘Brand’ (See the MRBTA Strategic Marketing Plan for more detail).

With this in mind, MRBTA has created a content marketing framework document, outlining exactly how content marketing will be employed to achieve the MRBTA marketing objectives in 2016/17. It is intended for this framework to be updated on an annual basis, according to the priorities of the MRBTA marketing strategy and changing consumer behaviour.

Alongside this, MRBTA will plan and organise content via a working spreadsheet, called the annual marketing calendar (working document). The marketing calendar shows how and when all consumer content will be shared. It also includes activity such as behind-the-scenes website development and trade shows. The marketing calendar is a working document, which will be regularly updated throughout the year. MRBTA members also have the opportunity to submit items for inclusion via email or by submitting story ideas.