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EOI invitation to meet with airline buyer

Representatives from Intervine (see supplier presentation here) are coming through Margaret River on February 13 and 14 and have expressed an interest in offering more Margaret River wines to their primary client, American Airlines, as well as cruise liners.

Intervine are open to direct business but also work through importers (Negociants, DeBortoli and Old Bridge Cellars have done considerable business over the years, to name three). Price points are rigid but easy to follow.  Front of the plane is prestige and low volume middle is in between, back of the plane is high volume and very price sensitive.

  • $25.00 FOB – $35.00 USD Back of the plane
  • $40.00 FOB –  $70.00 USD Middle of the plane
  • $100.00 – $120.00 FOB USD Front plane

If you are interested in connecting with Intervine during their trip, please complete the New Winery Fact Sheet and return via email to [email protected] by Friday 6 January at the latest.  Intervine will then set up introductory calls with the wineries they select.  There may be an opportunity to host a small regional tasting if the number of interested wineries exceeds the number of hours in the day.