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Latest visitor estimates: Year Ending September 2016

Please find below the international visitor stats for our region for the year ending Sep 2016. Growth in international visitation for our region is 35%, which is ahead of the State average of 8.2%. The below table is international visitors to Margaret River Region for year ending September 2016

Estimated Visitation to the Margaret River Region

YE Sept 2014 YE Sept 2015 YE Sept 2016 % growth
International Overnight Visitors 90,100 101,000 136,800 +35%
Interstate Overnight Visitors 83,000 76,000 123,000 +62%
Intrastate Overnight Visitors 985,000 1,000,000 1,322,000 +32%
Total Overnight Visitors 1,158,100 1,177,000 1,581,800 +34%
Intrastate Daytrip Visitors^ 790,000 1,133,000 1,005,000 -11%
  • The latest international visitor survey by Tourism Research Australia shows some encouraging signs of growth.
  • The figures paint an overall improving picture but there is still work to be done.
  • The figures are measured in five segments – Holiday, Visiting Friends and Relatives, Business, Education and Other.  Overall, WA experienced a  8.2 per cent growth in the YE September 2016 to 921,400 international visitors.
  • This is the first time the number of international visitors to WA has passed 900,000.
  • Holiday visitors grew by 19.6 per cent (more than the national figure of 18 per cent), while the visiting friends and relatives segment grew by 8.7 per cent (ahead of the national growth which was 7 per cent).
  • International visitor spend also increased, up by 4.1 per cent when compared to the same period last year, but behind the national growth of 10 .9 per cent.
The above visitation estimates cover the following Statistical Area Level 2s (SA2) as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS): Augusta, Busselton, Busselton Region, Margaret River. A map of SA2s is available here on the ABS website. Daytrip visitors defined as: travel a round trip distance of at least 50km, are away for home for at least 4 hours, and do not spend a night away from home as part of their travel. Same day travel as part of overnight travel is excluded as is routine travel such as commuting between work/school and home. Routine shopping is included as is travel for all purposes, not just pleasure. Intraregional travel is included. Source: Tourism Research Australia, International and National Visitor Surveys. Note: A change in methodology of the National Visitor Survey means domestic visitation estimates for January 2014 onwards are not directly comparable to domestic estimates for prior time periods. More information is available here on the Tourism WA corporate website.