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There is one simple thing you can do to increase visitation to your business. Watch this video.

Over the past year we’ve been painstakingly working on a new way to showcase your business to visitors.  And we’re getting ready to launch.

It will cut across our website, app and visitor centres (as well as some other projects we have in the wings) to create a seamless destination experience for visitors.

Imagine an interactive map, where visitors can narrow their search to find the exact experience to suit them, and then explore the options virtually before adding it to their own personalised itinerary.

We’re pretty excited about what it could do for visitation to your business, but to be frank, if your images on aren’t up to scratch, visitors will go elsewhere.

You can check out your images by searching for your member page here:

If your images look fuzzy, don’t fit in the frame or just look dated you need to change them.

To make sure you have the best possible images, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Grab your digital camera or smartphone
  2. If you’re shooting interiors, turn off the flash, turn on the lights and let as much light into the room as possible
  3. Take 10-20 photos of your business in the landscape format (not portrait)
  4. Choose 7 best of those images to upload to Bookeasy
  5. Be sure NOT to upload your logo as your ‘primary thumbnail’ in Bookeasy. This should be the best image of your business that you have.
  6. Make sure you upload the original image files or best quality you have.
  7. Show your page on com to friends, family and staff to get feedback on your images.


Make use of the incredible professional photography package we have here at MRBTA. To see examples and find out more, please click here, or call your membership hotline on (08) 9780 5959.

For more photography tips, please click here.