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Leeuwin Concert VIPs receive warm welcome

A big thank you to all MRBTA members who contributed to the gift bags presented to VIPs from Qantas and Emirates flying in via private charter for the Leeuwin Concert on 18 February.

Aravina Estate, Margaret River Chocolate Company, Gabriel Chocolate, Margaret River Fudge Factory, Vasse Virgin, the Margaret River Hemp Co and Bettenay’s Margaret River Nougat Company all made generous contributions. The guests were thrilled with their gift bags and very appreciative of the warm welcome they received.

The charter went fabulously and the MRBTA airport team received excellent feedback from the passengers and crew on the day, as well as a follow up from the manager of commercial operations at Network Aviation thanking us for our service and commenting that the passengers all had a great time.

Below are photos of MRBTA grand handling crew Peter Mas, Peter Lambert and Lynley Mason hard at work on the production line to make up the gift bags.

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