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Rezdy users can now map rates and availability to Bookeasy

Tour operators who use Rezdy as their main booking software for their own business and website can now map (though an API) their rates and availability to their Bookeasy console. The API has been developed so that operators only have to update ‘mapped’ product and inventory via their Rezdy user console. It works in a similar fashion to accommodation operators who use channel management software like Siteminder, Resonline, Levart, Little Hotelier etc.

Please be aware, being a newly developed integration, there may still be some bugs to be ironed out so please let your Rezdy support services know if you are experiencing connectivity issues.

What you need to know

We suggest having a read through this TUTORIAL Bookeasy have put together so you know the ins and outs of the changes.

The main things that will remain the same include:

  • MRBTA Visitor Consultants will still book tours as normal through the Bookeasy console (with your products, rates and availability feeding from Rezdy’s API)
  • Rezdy does not update/overide business contact details or standard images (just tour images) so it’s important that you still manage/update these details in your Bookeasy console
  • Your Bookeasy pages look the same from the front (consumer) end of

The main differences for members include:

  • Tour operators using Rezdy no longer need to update inventory in both Rezdy and Bookeasy – once you connect these via an API, day to day management should be managed via Rezdy
  • MRBTA visitor consultants will no longer be able to assist you to change last minute rates and availability, or edit bookings once made, as this data will now be managed via Rezdy. Our staff do not have access to your Rezdy dashboard.

Further restrictions/changes/development bugs to be aware of

  • When viewing tour search results across the region, it should be noted that each operators’ availability will cache and updated only once per day, real-time availability will update on your operator page and in the shopping cart.
  • There is potential for some duplication of booking form information being requested by both via the Rezdy integration and the standard Bookeasy shopping cart. The option to ‘hide’ questions via in marketplace via Rezdy and Bookeasy is being investigated
  • There are still some bugs being ironed out around tour occurrence errors (repeating the same tour product at different departure time) – a fix is currently being reviewed in a test environment before being released.
  • If tours are ‘not available’ they show up on Bookeasy gadget as ‘FREE’ but change dates  – a fix is also being investigated.