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Margaret River Wine Story: 192k views in 3 weeks!

The first five videos forming the Margaret River Wine Story have now been released and thanks to the high quality of the content and strategic targeting via Facebook, the videos have been viewed 191,806 times in just three weeks, with a total reach of 351,527 on Facebook alone.

Please see the initial results below, and remember that this campaign will run all the way until November, so be sure to have a look at the associated advertising opportunities which could help your business stand out within the campaign.

Campaign week three: Results so far

How to Taste Wine Tips for visiting wine regions Terroir Cabernet Chardonnay Website landing page Competition entries Totals
Share date 1 April 4 April 7 April 11 April 14 April 19 April 31 March 191,806
Views* 146,000 12,000 12,000 14,000 4,500 3,306 351,527
Reach* 255,986 24,272 22,224 34,554 14,491 192,426
Likes* 449 97 143 191 63 943
Shares* 201 35 26 45 14 321
Entries 204 204

*Reach, views, likes and shares are for Facebook only. YouTube results to follow.


Advertising opportunities

MRBTA has developed three types of advertising spots for members wishing to appear within the Wine Story content. We believe that these slots are most suited to wine businesses, tour companies and accommodation providers. The custom-designed advertising slots offer a way for your business to stand out within one of the MRBTA’s major marketing campaigns for this financial year. The format of the ads are more authentic than regular display advertising, so we are expecting the slots to generate good results for your business.

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About the Margaret River Region Wine Story

The ‘Margaret River Region Wine Story’ is a new content stream for 2016/17, telling the story of the Margaret River wine region like never before to key audiences through partnerships, PR and a range of video, digital and print content to drive visitation to the region.

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