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WA Tourism Awards Workshop Webinar | 28 June 17

This online workshop via webinar will assist prospective entrants in the 2017 Perth Airport WA Tourism Awards to prepare submissions and gain an important insight on the foundations of the awards process.

This workshop will cover the following;

An explanation of the entire awards process, including the new online submission program;

  • Clarifications on the rules of entry;
  • Key dates;
  • Participation benefits;
  • Media opportunities;
  • What entrant support is available;
  • Correct category placement;
  • An explanation of each question/sub-question;
  • Suggestions on how to answer each question/sub-question;
  • How to avoid making common mistakes;
  • What judges are specifically looking for in a submission

The webinar will be held on the 28th of June 2017, 9:30am-12:00pm using your personal computer.

There is no charge to participate in the webinar. More details to follow closer to the date.


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