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Share your support – Busselton Margaret River Region Airport

By July 28, 2017December 4th, 2017Airport, Industry News & Updates

You may remember several months ago we asked for your assistance in supporting proposed operational changes to the Busselton-Margaret River Regional (BMRR) Airport, which if successful, will pave the way for direct passenger flights from the interstate, and ultimately, international destinations. It goes without saying, this development would be a game changer not only for tourism, but the entire economy of the Margaret River Region. But to make this happen, we need your help again.

In order to modify BMRR Airport operations, an Environmental Review Document (ERD) has been prepared by the City of Busselton in accordance with the Environmental Protection Authority procedures.  The ERD describes the proposal, examines the likely environmental effects and the proposed management procedures associated with the proposed development and is released for public review from the 3 July 2017 to 14 August 2017.   Copies of the full document can be downloaded from

Essentially the proposed changes will allow additional aircraft types and operator types to use the airport, as well as modify the airports hours of operation to allow a limited number of flights between 11pm and 6am. Night time flights are incredibly important for Airlines to test and develop the demand of routes, and as such allowing the BMRR Airport to operate a limited number of overnight flights is a vital first step in attracting and securing services for the region.


Share your support

Public submissions, for or against the proposal are invited by the EPA, and MRBTA is encouraging members to show support for the proposed changes by making an online submission.  Please note all public submissions are to be received by the EPA by 14th August, 2017

For your convenience we have created the following template, which can be inserted into the relevant section of the online submission, or printed on your own letter head and forward to the EPA.



Dear Sir/madam

I would like to register our support for the proposed modifications to the operations of the Busselton-Margaret River Regional (BMRR) Airport Expansion, including unrestricted hours of operation.

Tourism is vital to the Margaret River Region and continues to grow. The development of the BMRR Airport – which will allow direct flights from the east coast – has the potential to make a significant economic and social impact by generating growth across all areas of business and ultimately creating jobs.

Night time flights are an important step for Airlines to test and develop the demand of routes from the Eastern Seaboard, and as such allowing the Airport to operate a limited number of flights between 11pm and 6am is a vital first step in attracting and securing services for the region, and its economy. 

Furthermore, I believe the City of Busselton has proven itself to be effective and responsible operator of the BMRR Airport, proactively managing and addressing potential environmental implications to local wildlife, particularly birds.  It is our belief the Airport will continue to be effectively managed by the City, adhering to the use of buffer and noise limits to ensure there is little or no adverse impact.

I therefore endorse and support the proposed expansion and operational modifications to the BMRR Airport.

Yours sincerely

Business Name


How to make your submission

Online submission – please click on this link and complete the short online form

Post to:  The Chairman, Environmental Protection Authority, Locked Bag 33, The Cloisters, Perth WA 6850
For more information on how to make a submission, please ring the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority on 6145 0800.