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Your 2017/18 Membership Survey Results

Many thanks to all of you who took the time to complete our 2017/18 Membership Survey earlier this year. We received responses from 201 members in total, this feedback allows us to better tailor our membership services to suit your business, as we plan our activity for the next 12 months and beyond.

We have spent the last few weeks looking carefully at the results and we are pleased to share a snapshot of the findings below.

What you told us

Overall satisfaction: 76%

Using the ‘Net Promoter’ scale, 76% of respondents rated the MRBTA 6 or above (vs 71% in 2017) and of these respondents, 37% gave a score of 10.

Respondents were also asked to indicate their overall satisfaction with MRBTA member services, on a rating scale of 1 (not satisfied) to 10 (highly satisfied).

190 (95%) of the 201 respondents answered this question to give an average rating of 6.96 out of 10.

Satisfaction with specific MRBTA services

We received 151 responses to this question. On a scale of 0-10, 10 being highest, specific services rated highest to lowest in the following order

  1. Promotion of MRBTA managed attractions (weighted highest also in 2017)
  2. Member communications (also weighted 2nd highest in 2017)
  3. Overall destination marketing (rated 4th highest in 2017)
  4. Tourism advocacy (rated 5th highest in 2017)
  5. Delivery of visitor information & service (rated 3rd highest in 2017)
  6. Engagement with industry stakeholders & partners (rated 3rd lowest in 2017)
  7. Training & Development (ranked last in 2017)
  8. Digital marketing (ranked 2nd lowest in 2017)

Primary reason for being a member of MRBTA

  1. To support tourism in region & destination marketing (this ranked 1st in 2017 as well)
  2. For bookings (this ranked 3rd highest in 2017)
  3. For exposure of their business (this ranked 2nd highest in 2017)

Membership Sign up Process

  • 76% of our membership base found our sign-up process very easy.
  • In the aim to consistently improve and allow you to get back to business, we have developed a web chat function on our Corporate site where members can chat in real time with the membership team, thereby quickly resolving any issues or questions they might have.

Any specific feedback?

The last question was an open-ended comment section for any feedback members would like us to consider and the overwhelming feedback was disappointment at the new charge for maps.

As of the financial year of 2018/19, all Standard members and above are able to register as a YMRR Map Distributor.

As a YMRR Map Distributor, you play an important role in the way information about our region is dispersed. The idea behind this is when you give out the map to visitors who have follow up questions about the region that the map cannot answer, you can mark it down with your expert local knowledge.

Please see the Terms and Conditions to being a YMRR Map Distributor here.

How will we improve in 2017/18?

Engagement with industry stakeholders & partners

We understand that engagement with the MRBTA is an important factor in your membership with us. As such, we have implemented a new membership inclusion that allows for members to book a 1 hour industry engagement session with the membership team.

In this session, members can update the membership team in regard to what’s new with their business, as well as bring up any issues we could resolve together.

We will also run bi-annual roadshows within Your Margaret River Region so members can meet the staff, find out more about our marketing strategies, and what is being planned for the region.

Training & Development

We are in development of a new training calendar where we will look at scheduling sessions that will benefit businesses in the region.

Digital marketing

As our digital marketing is directed towards visitors, you might not always be aware of what we are up to in this space. Our new bi-annual roadshows will have a strong marketing focus where you will hear about what’s been working for us, what hasn’t and what we have planned going forward.

The marketing team will share their annual content calendar and look to collaborate with members more regularly on digital campaigns such as the Singapore ‘Make is Yours’ Campaign.

How to stay in touch

You don’t need to wait until next year’s membership survey to share your feedback with us. Please continue to keep in touch via [email protected] or the membership hotline via (08) 9780 5959. You can also approach any of our team at the monthly mingles, or make a face to face appointment.