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YMRR Content Plan

By November 28, 2018January 22nd, 2019Promotional Opportunity

The MRBTA Marketing and Membership Teams are excited to announce the launch of their Quarterly Content Plan, to be rolled out in partnership with member businesses this summer and continuing into 2019.

The purpose of this Content Plan is to ensure a coordinated approach to marketing the Margaret River region as a destination across the MRBTA’s many platforms including, Social Media, the YMRR Magazine and via email marketing, as well as to provide clear and plentiful opportunities for members to reach more potential visitors via MRBTA channels.

The Content Plan will be populated by the Marketing Team and released to members within a month of each upcoming quarter, detailing the areas in which members can seek inclusion. Once publicised, members will be able to express their interest in the various promotional opportunities offered in the Content Plan, discuss inclusions with their Membership Team and be assisted to leverage this content via their own channels.

Digital Products

The following Digital Products are available to members each quarter.

Native Web Content (

  • Inclusion in Native Content (up to 2 stories per month)
    • This is the most accessible way for you to reach more potential visitors
    • Pay $69 to be included in a listicle-style blog as per the Content Plan
    • There will be anywhere between 5 – 15 inclusions available in each story
    • This content is syndicated across our Consumer, Media and Member eDMs, reaching > 40K people
    • This content is also shared on MRBTA Social Media channels
  • Sponsored Content (2 opportunities per quarter)
    • Ideal if you want to showcase your brand/affiliate more closely with the YMRR brand
    • Pay $660 to be the lead feature in a piece of long form content as per Content Plan
    • This content is featured as the lead story in the corresponding Consumer eDM, which is distributed to more than 30K people
    • Syndicated across the Media and Member eDMs
    • Shared on MRBTA Social Media channels, with tagged mention of your business, putting your business name directly in front of @margaretriver’s 40K Instagram followers
  • Campaign Content (1 opportunity per quarter)
    • Ideal for those wanting to partner closely with the MRBTA for a seasonal promotional push
    • Pay $1199 to be YMRR’s Campaign Partner for the season
    • Must tie-in to a planned piece of content, but nature of campaign can be tailored around unique offering of partnering member
    • This content is featured as the lead story in the corresponding Consumer eDM and Media eDM
    • Syndicated across the Member eDM
    • Backed by paid spend on MRBTA Social Media channels for the duration of the quarter, and presented in partnership with your business
      • Purpose of the campaign will be to drive engagement, subscriptions or conversions, as decided between partnering member and the MRBTA Marketing Team

* NOTE: The specific Native Content pieces planned for this quarter are detailed below. Itineraries

  • Seasonal Itineraries (1 per quarter)
    • 1-week seasonal itineraries targeting an interstate and/or international audience
    • Annual buy-in – these will be renewed each season
    • Opportunities open (per itinerary) for:
      • 1 x Northern accommodation
      • 1 x Southern accommodation
      • 7 Experiences (interesting tours, unique dining experiences, workshops, etc)
  • Niche Itineraries (number of opportunities TBC)
    • Annual buy-in
    • Details TBC

eDM Advertorial

  • Consumer eDM:
    • 3 advertorial spaces per month @ $329ea
    • Limited to stays/experiential offers only – no merchandise/consumables advertisements
    • Inclusion is subject to meeting image requirements
    • Copy used is at the discretion of the Marketing Team
  • Media eDM:
    • Unlimited advertorial spaces available per month @ $199ea
    • Members can submit newsworthy items
    • Inclusion and copy is at the discretion of the Marketing Team
  • Member eDM:
    • Unlimited advertorial spaces available per month @ $49ea
    • Members can submit newsworthy items
    • Inclusion and copy is at the discretion of the Marketing Team

TV Ads

  • 10 full-screen ads available per quarter
  • Subject to meeting image/video requirements

Other Promotional Opportunities

  • Web Ads:
    • Web Ads can be purchased at any time via the Member Benefits page
    • These are subject to image requirements
  • Social Media Photo Shoots:
    • The MRBTA works with a third-party contractor to run their social media accounts, including monthly Social Media photoshoots
    • Members are not required to buy-in to this program, but may express interest in being involved and join a list of members considered for future shoots
  • Media Famil Program
    • The MRBTA works with an array of media and social media influencers, often in partnership with other tourism bodies such as Australia’s South West
    • Members are not required to buy-in to this program, but may express interest in being involved and join a list of members considered for future famils
  • Your Margaret River Region Magazine
    • The YMRR Magazine is curated, commissioned, edited and published by an independent third-party contractor, Premium Publishing
    • While the MRBTA Marketing Team suggests story angles for each edition, all decisions are made by the Premium Publishing editorial team and journalists
    • Members cannot buy-in to the Magazine content, even if/when this content is repurposed onto
    • The MRBTA will not accept Expressions of Interest or story submissions for the YMRR Magazine, but members can pitch story ideas to Gabi from Premium Publishing
      • Look out for updates in your fortnightly Membership eDM for story callouts from Gabi

How to Express Interest

The Content Plan will be distributed via your fortnightly Member eDM within the month prior to the upcoming quarter. Members will be able to download a .pdf version of the Content Plan, allowing them to review the plan thoroughly.

Those who are interested in purchasing an inclusion, or discussing opportunities for Sponsored or Campaign Content should get in touch with their Membership Team, who will progress their Expression of Interest. Where image requirements must be met for inclusions, specs will be provided by your liaison and payment will only be made once your content has been approved.

Summer: Native Content

Campaign Content (All Season – Produced in Early December)

  • Your Down South Summer Bucket List
    • Seeking: an accommodation provider partner willing to collaborate on a competition to run alongside this campaign content (i.e. provide a discounted or free stay as a prize)
      • Must have strong digital assets and established social media channels


  • Inclusions:
    • Local Chefs Christmas Recipes
      • Seeking: Restaurants/wineries. Chef must be willing to be interviewed/provide a recipe. Image requirements.
    • The Only Gift Guide You’ll Need in MR This Christmas (Almost full)
  • Sponsored Content:
    • Sparkle Your Way Through the Festive Season


  • Inclusions:
    • New Year, New Experiences: All the Things You Haven’t Done Yet in YMRR
      • Seeking: tour/experience operators, new/unique products
  • Sponsored Content:
    • Beach By Personality
      • Seeking: beachside accommodation provider


  • Inclusions:
    • The Thirst Quencher: The MR Summer Beers You Need to Try
      • Seeking: breweries
    • Profiling Backpacker Vintage Workers
      • Seeking: wineries who employ backpackers during vintage, must be willing to make workers available for interview. Image requirements apply.

Summer: Itinerary

  • 7 Days of Summer
    • Seeking:
      • 1 x Northern Accommodation (ideally near the beach)
      • 1 x Southern Accommodation (ideally near the beach)
      • 7 x Experiences (must be season-oriented)

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