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Summer Bucket List Campaign Results

MRBTA recently partnered with Private Properties in our first Seasonal Content Plan campaign – The Ultimate Summer Bucket List. The campaign provided enormous value to consumers – not only with a hugely generous and valuable prize, but with 50 bucket-list worthy tips from a local on how to enjoy a stay in the region. Below is a snapshot of the results:

The Objective 

A subscription-building campaign with an unbelievable prize. The campaign needed to target potential holiday-goers with real capacity to travel and an interest in high-end experiences. Private Properties’ primary objective was to reach a new audience to start communicating with on an ongoing basis. YMRR’s digital channels could offer a new, young and affluent
audience. The campaign also set out to position a stay at Private Properties’ homes as being ‘Bucket List’ worthy; unmissable ‘down south’ experiences.

The Content
“The Ultimate Summer Bucket List”

Widely published freelance writer Tom de Souza was commissioned to write native content for along the brief of The Ultimate Summer Bucket List. This will continue to live on here.

The content was viewed 10, 391 times, driving a 360% increase in traffic to Private Properties’ MR.Com Member Page.

The Delivery
Content was delivered via four digital channels, reaching a total audience of more than 30,000 people and securing
3,008 new subscribers. The promotion generated a huge amount of excitement among our audience, with many tagging their friends and talking about choosing Private Properties for their next big trip down south.

Check out the Autumn Content Plan to see how you can get involved.