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How To Influence Your Guests To Do Your Marketing Heavy Lifting

Every segment of the travel and hospitality industry has a leading player. No matter the economy, the competition, the market condition, in every category you can think of you will find at least one great hotel or experience that is doing well — one that’s dominating its target market.

The experiences and the moments you create for your guests have the potential to be great and can deliver a greater ROI than many traditional marketing efforts. Standing out amongst the competition comes from your ability to not only deliver remarkable experiences guests love, but to extend those experiences to moments that take place well-before a guest even knows about you, and well-after that guest has left you.

Below are some examples of experiences and the moments that are designed for influence.

Can you map out the absolutely memorable and meaningful moments in your guest experience? The moments they want to share with their friends and the world on social media? Hint: there should be peak moments before, during and after a guest visits.

If you have trouble answering these questions, or if you think you are part way there but you are looking for ways to inspire your team and define a system to ensure they are adding value to the visitor at every stage of the customer journey, you should attend the Guest Experience Masterclass at Ramada Resort Dunsborough on May 29.

The Guest Experience Masterclass is a hands on, interactive workshop that helps identify how you can systematically attract the right guests and get them to the point of booking, how you create remarkable guest experiences and incremental revenue-generation opportunities, how you make your guests part of your family for a lifetime and how to orchestrate referrals.

If you have any questions about how this Masterclass can benefit you, please contact your Membership team on [email protected] or call +61 8 9780 5959