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Rediscover Campaign Results

The ‘Rediscover’ campaign ran from March to August and received fantastic traction with our intrastate audience. The campaign aimed to inspire visitors to ‘rediscover’ the region by showcasing the unique personalities of each of the main regional towns (Busselton, Yallingup/Dunsborough, Margaret River and Augusta) while building on the connection that West Australian’s already feel for their local holiday destination ‘down south’.

The videos took up residence on Visitor Centre TV screens at Visitor Centres and featured heavily across our digital channels backed by paid spend on social. The videos were used as a hook alongside a bundle of original native content, inspiring potential visitors to take that next step in their travel planning journey using 3-day itineraries and blogs.

Below is a snapshot of the results:

435,496 video views

441,179 total actions (likes, comments, shares and link clicks)

917,598 impressions

5,298 Rediscover blog views

5,731 itinerary views

The content housed on will continue to perform over time.

We were really impressed with the enthusiasm and creativity members showed when sharing the campaign alongside their own tips for ‘rediscovering’ the region. You can still use the clips to help promote your business. Check out our tips here.