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Short-Stay Accommodation Report Released by Parliament of Western Australia

Following the Parliamentary Inquiry into the regulation of Short-Stay Accommodation, the Parliament of Western Australia today released their report titled ‘Levelling the Playing Field – Managing the impact of the rapid increase of Short-Term Rentals in Western Australia’.

“The Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association welcomes the fair and balanced approach to this complex issue. The recommendations within the report are totally consistent with advice provided by MRBTA through our submissions to the inquiry, and our public and private lobbying of key decision makers” said Steve Harrison, Joint CEO and GM Operations.

A summary of the report’s recommendations include:

  • A public education campaign in association with REIWA to make owners, real estate agents, property managers and purchasers aware of their obligations regarding Short-Term Rentals
  • Updates to the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 to amend land use definitions in relation to Short-Term Rentals and Bed and Breakfast Accommodation
  • Western Australian Planning Commission update planning guidance with amended land use definitions and provide greater guidance to local governments about ways to appropriately regulate Short-Term Rentals
  • The Minister for Planning direct the relevant government agency to work with stakeholders to develop model by-laws that assist strata companies to better manage Short-Term Rentals
  • The Minister for Planning direct Landgate to update their strata titles guidance to include the powers and processes open to strata companies to manage Short-Term Rentals in strata schemes
  • The Ministers for Commerce, Local Government, Planning and Tourism establish an interdepartmental working group to coordinate whole-of-government policy responses for Short-Stay Accommodation. The interdepartmental working group should
    • Develop a state-wide registration scheme
    • Determine legal mechanisms through which the State Government can introduce and enforce a registration scheme, including consequences for non-compliance
    • Determine the most appropriate mechanism to collect and manage the registration data
    • Determine the information disclosure requirements for online platforms and appropriate enforcement mechanisms
    • Determine information sharing mechanisms between State and local government authorities and what information, if any, should be made publicly available
    • Ensure that local governments maintain the ability to require the provision of additional information and impose additional licencing or operational requirements, depending on their particular circumstances
  • Online platforms should be required to display a valid registration number for Short-Term Rentals issued under the registration scheme. The interdepartmental working group should consider and provide advice to the relevant Minister on the appropriate requirements for Traditional Accommodation
  • Online platforms should be required to regularly provide data on all short-term rental properties listed in Western Australia to the Government agency with primary responsibility for the registration scheme
  • Local government authorities should be responsible for developing additional registration criteria suits to their particular circumstance, enforcing compliance and managing complaints

Read the full report here.