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Melbourne-Busselton Flights: How Does Marketing Work?

By December 9, 2019December 12th, 2019Airport

Since Jetstar announced the Melbourne-Busselton direct air service in October we have spoken to over 200 members of MRBTA and ASW, and there is a common theme emerging from these conversations: Operators want to know how the route marketing is working; what’s being done to market the route, and how their business can leverage opportunities.

We have put together the marketing infographic above to create some clarity around these questions, with further details below.

Channels for operators: 3 key areas of focus

In order to reach the passengers flying in from Melbourne via marketing channels, we recommend that local businesses focus their efforts in the following areas:

  1. Distribution Channels
    MRBTA has developed a wealth of information on working with distribution channels. Please visit the industry toolkit for more information.
  2. Tourism Body Memberships
    Leveraging your membership with MRBTA will give you access to over 2 million visitor touchpoints per year. Please see below for further details.
  3.  Direct to consumer channels
    Your business may already have access to domestic travellers through your existing databases, social media and website activity. Try sharing targeted messages to potential visitors from Melbourne via these channels, for example during Jetstar sale fare periods.

The responsibilities around route marketing can roughly be divided between the following bodies:

Marketing Responsibilities: Building demand (filling the aircraft):

Organisation Overall responsibility What will we see from them? How to engage?
Jetstar Route Marketing Lead –       Tactical campaigns

–       Sale fare promotions

–       Website banners

–       Social media posting

–       Database marketing

Bookable product can onboard with Jetstar and Qantas via Hooroo
Tourism WA Destination Marketing Lead –       Destination marketing campaigns promoting Australia’s South West and Margaret River region

–       Flight message incorporated into all relevant campaigns

–       Website content

–       Social media posting

–       Database marketing

–       Travel trade marketing

– View: How to get involved with Tourism WA

Stay up to date with Tourism WA campaigns



City of Busselton Jetstar commercial partner – Marketing agreements

– Commercial agreements

– Airport facilities & infrastructure

– Respond to relevant EOIs: transport services, etc

– Opportunities for exposure in airport arrivals hall to be announced


Responsibilities: Destination Marketing Support

Organisation Overall responsibility What will we see from them? How to engage?
MRBTA Local destination marketing – directory

–       Blogs, itineraries, social media, eDMs

–       YMRR magazine

–       Visitor Centres, Central Reservations

– View:

MRBTA Marketing Products

MRBTA Visitor Servicing Products



Australia’s South West Regional destination marketing –       Website content

–       Social media

–       eDMs

–       Holiday Planner

–       Travel trade activity

–       Dispersal throughout the South West

– View: Become a member of ASW; Access marketing calendar