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Opportunity: Share your product with inaugural flight passengers

By January 8, 2020Airport

As a special welcome for passengers arriving on the inaugural flight from Melbourne on 25 March, MRBTA is working with ASW and TWA to produce gift bags which will be presented to each passenger as they arrive on the tarmac at Busselton. Passengers on the flight will include a small group of VIP guests from the media and travel trade.

This is an opportunity for your business to gain exposure to an audience which is highly excited about discovering the region, after booking seats on the very first flight to Busselton from Melbourne. Raise awareness of your brand and your product, and entice the passengers to visit your business while in the region.

Criteria for the gift bags is as follows:

  • Locally made produce which uniquely reflects the region;
  • Careful consideration should be given around breakable items and how they will travel and pack into calico gift bags;
  • Non-perishable items (no items that require refrigeration);
  • Preference given to products with eco-credentials;
  •  Products will be selected based on spread of type of product
  • Quantities: 50-190 pieces (depending on no. passengers your business would like exposure to)
  • Not permitted: branded promotional items, e.g. key chains, promotional pens, stress balls etc

If you have a product which would be a great addition to the gift bags, please complete the form below.


Photo above: Gift bags shared at Melbourne-Busselton route launch event in Melbourne, October 2019