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Airport Opportunity: Product Tastings and Testings

By February 11, 2020Airport

As part of the activity underway to offer passengers a warm welcome to the region at the airport, the City of Busselton and MRBTA are exploring opportunities for producers to offer product samples in the arrivals hall.

How would this Work?

Participating businesses would be stationed in the arrivals hall while passengers arrive, collect their baggage and use the visitor services.

Passengers would be invited to sample the product on show, learn about what makes it special and be encouraged to visit the business during their stay.

It is envisaged that only one business would be featured per arrival, with businesses participating via a predetermined roster.

Which Businesses would this Benefit?

This is a brand exposure opportunity which would help to encourage passengers to visit your business during their stay.  This opportunity would be best suited to producers of gourmet foods and boutique cosmetics.

What would you need to Offer?

  • Product samples for up to 186 passengers per flight.
  • An in-person presence at the airport on arrival days (Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays from 9am-9.45am (Oct-Apr), or 10am-10.45am (Apr-Oct)).
  • Marketing materials (e.g. brochures, basic display materials).
  • Commitment to be present on your rostered days (number of days available per week/month/year is subject to level of interest from businesses).

To express your interest in this opportunity, please click below to fill out the EOI form.