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The MRBTA Marketing and Membership Teams are working towards the creation of new stories on to be published through Autumn.

These stories form part of the Annual Content Plan which ensure a coordinated approach to marketing the Margaret River region as a destination across the MRBTA’s many platforms and helps us to provide clear and plentiful opportunities for members to reach more potential visitors via MRBTA channels.  You can find out more about MRBTA’s Marketing Products HERE.

Upcoming opportunities are detailed further below.  If any of these are a good fit for your business, please contact the Membership team on 9780 5959 or via email to [email protected].

April: Your Autumn Events Guide in the Margaret River Region

A timely listicle summarising all of the amazing events on offer in the region in autumn, with a particular focus on the arts. Split into categories (Arts & Culture, Sporting, etc.), this will include MRROS, Emergence Creative, Undalup Bunuru Festival, Sculpture by the Bay, Readers & Writers Fest, Jazz by the Bay, as well as other exhibitions, workshops, and/or events that offer ways for visitors to immerse themselves in the arts and culture of the region.

If you are holding any special exhibitions, workshops or events, please get in touch so we can include them in this story.

Expressions of interest due: Monday, 23rd March

Cost of inclusion: $69

May: X Amazing Art Galleries in Your Margaret River Region

listicle detailing all of the best places in the region to see art – whether local or international. This may be split into categories depending on type of art (i.e. contemporary, ceramic, Aboriginal, etc.) depending on the number of final inclusions.

NOTE for members: Only images of gallery spaces/artworks in context will be used. Images containing people interacting with the space/art are preferable.

Expressions of interest due: Monday, 20th April

Cost of inclusion: $69