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Regional Magazine Update

We are excited to share that a regional print publication will continue in 2021. Due to the re-brand happening behind the scenes at MRBTA, we’ll be using an evolved design and layout for the magazine and will launch a new-look mag that offers a mix of aspirational content and practical town guides.

What will the new magazine look like? 

Tales and Trails will be the new-look regional magazine for 2021. Two editions will be printed each year, a Spring/Summer and an Autumn/Winter publication to align with the different seasonal experiences on offer. Tales and Trails will be a tangible product or keepsake that will both inspire visitors to try new experiences as well as offer practical guides on the region’s four anchor towns; Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River and Augusta and how to explore the region beyond these major localities. 

Content will reflect the brand personality of The Margaret River Region, as well as offer incentive for visitors to disperse across the destination.  

What is the editorial policy of the magazine?

The policy and guidelines around member inclusion in the magazine can be divided into four key points:

  • Writers producing content are instructed to preference MRBTA members over non-members
  • Additional preference is given to members who advertise in the magazine (advertising is managed by Premium Publishers and ad inclusions are what make the magazine viable)
  • Members will continue to be given opportunity to submit story ideas for content
  • Separate to this, EOIs will continue to be sent out monthly for inclusion in online content published at

How to get involved?

Premium Publisher’s media kit will be available asap. Please get in touch with Natalie Du Preez if you would like to be included in magazine advertising. Email: [email protected]

We will keep members updated on when to expect delivery of the magazines.