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Consumer confidence and travel sentiment – useful links

By February 5, 2021February 9th, 2021COVID-19, Research & Statistics

Please find below some useful links to research, articles and reports on consumer confidence and travel sentiment.

  • Tourism Australia publishes a range of tourism statistics, including a fortnightly Domestic Travel Sentiment Tracker
    Key insights from 20-24 January 2021 report:

    • 33% of Australians feel uncomfortable about interstate travel, with this number lifting sharply following virus outbreaks.
    • Among Western Australians, intent to book a domestic leisure trip in the next month is falling.
    • Read report here
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA publishes the results of its quarterly consumer confidence surveys via its website
    Key insights from December 2020 report:

    • Border status had the most significant impact on driving consumer confidence for the December quarter.
    • 44% of Western Australians believed that conditions would improve over the
      next three months, with only only 14 per cent expecting weaker conditions.
    • Longer-term outlook strengthens on the back of vaccine news and low interest rates
    • Read report here
  • Visit Victoria’s consumer research is useful to follow given its focus on the mindset of Victorians, and the importance of that market to this region.
    Key insights from October 2020 report:

    • Travelling was the second ‘most missed’ activity by Victorians, after socialising with friends
    • While travel is categorised as discretionary spending, in reality people view it as a fundamental part of life.
    • Read report here
  • Roy Morgan is Australia’s best known and longest established market research company.
    Key insights from October 2020 article on link between travel intent and consumer confidence:

    • “What is clear is that even in a year like this, when millions of people feel desperate for the kind of respite a holiday would offer, even a short break requires discretionary spending of the kind people are only willing to entertain when they are feeling reasonably confident about the economy.”
      Read article
  • STR provides data and insights for global hospitality sectors, and publishes the Australian Accommodation Monitor. Global consumer research and insights are available via STR website articles and white papers.
    Key insights on recent impacts of travel incentives on market occupancy:

    • Data shows a real interest in travel, and as restrictions changes, flexibility in policies, financial incentives and promoting a safe environment have become key in travelers’ decisions.
    • Domestic travel has become the pillar on which the tourism industry has stood during an unprecedented year. And while domestic sources have pushed demand, other incentives have been implemented to bring international travel into the mix. For most markets, domestic demand cannot push full recovery on its own.
      Read more