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WA Tourism Awards: Help with statistics

Good luck to all MRBTA members who are currently finalising their WA Tourism Award submission – if you are, please find below a list of some statistics which are out there to help you:

Working with MRBTA, your Local Tourism Organisation (LTO)

If you wish to show how you have worked with local partnerships, you can talk about outcomes of your membership with MRBTA. Points you may wish to make are:

  • Your investment: $599 per year for a Primary Membership
  • Your return on investment
    • Your business listing at received X pageviews (email [email protected] for details)
    • Your business was featured in X pieces of online editorial (email [email protected] for details)
    • Your business was listed on the regional map: 250,000 copies per year
    • Your business was featured in the Margaret River Region magazine: 25,000 copies per issue
    • Your business gained referrals from staff at the region’s three Visitor Centres (Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River): 481,599 visitors during the award qualifying period
    • Your business gained referrals from staff in the MRBTA’s Central Reservations team (responding to queries via telephone, email, live web chat and direct social media messaging): 107,745 queries responded to during award qualifying period.

Visitor Numbers

Target audience data

For the question on ‘Marketing’, you will need to show understanding of your different target markets. These links and statistics might help:

  • Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association (Local Tourism Organisation, LTO)

You can use statistics from MRBTA’s channels here.  For example, you could refer to the statistics below and say that X number of visitors use the Margaret River Region destination website and social media channels to plan their holiday.

  • website visitors: 1.8million total users (2019-2021)
    • International: 210,000 users
    • Interstate: 253,000 users
    • Intrastate: 1.4million users
  • Facebook following:
    • International: 12,505
    • Interstate: 14,871
    • Intrastate: 27,996

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