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YouGov International Travel & Tourism Report 2021

YouGov’s International Travel & Tourism Report 2021 analyses consumer travel preferences across 25 global markets to identify the nuances that will prove most lucrative for industry players to focus on. Where ‘Millennials’ and ‘On-The-Go’ travelers hold the initial opportunity, the emergence – and growing segment – of Responsible Travelers is not one to be overlooked for long-term rewards.

Key statistics drawing from survey responses collected in May 2021 include:

  • Just 18% of respondents are planning international travel in the next 12 months
  • Top barriers to travel globally are ‘Health Risks’ and ‘Safety’ (ahead of ‘Travel Restrictions)
  • The volume of travellers describing themselves as ‘Responsible Travellers’ is higher than those self-describing as ‘Luxury Travellers’ and ‘Adventure Travellers’


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