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PhD Student Research: Viticultural Landscapes and Regional Tourism

By September 20, 2021Industry News & Updates

MRBTA and MRWA are supporting a research project by PhD student Rebecca Pearson, from the University of Adelaide, that is exploring the link between sustainability and tourism in food and wine regions.

As a high-profile food and wine region that has a joint focus on both tourism and agriculture, Rebecca is very interested in the views of those in the Margaret River Region

The project considers how people are interacting with tourism in regional landscapes by focussing on the perceptions and experiences of businesses, landowners, and visitors.

How to Take Part

Rebecca will be visiting the Margaret River Region from 6th October to 24th November and is looking to interview those involved in the food, wine, tourism, and/or environmental industries. An interview involves being asked a series of questions about your thoughts on how tourism is currently supporting the region and what you might like to see in the future.

If you can volunteer approximately 45-60 minutes of your time to sit down with Rebecca, please email Membership and we will put you in contact with her, or alternatively you can email Rebecca directly at [email protected] to find out more or to arrange an interview.