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Dunsborough Town Centre Planning

Last Friday, MRBTA, Dunsborough community leaders, Cr. Kate Cox and Hon. Jackie Jarvis MLC met to discuss the current state of Dunsborough Town Centre planning.

Our popular coastal town is at a critical stage of development. After the Dunsborough Precinct Structure Plan and City of Busselton Amendment 52 were passed by the Busselton Council with a 9-1 vote last year, they are currently being considered by the WAPC and Planning Minister. Encapsulating town planning for Dunborough’s next decade, the plans cover lower densities, better pedestrian accessibility and a general reduced height limit from 6 storeys to 3 in Dunsborough’s Town Centre.

From a tourism perspective, protecting Dunsborough’s relaxed village atmosphere is essential to ensure our region will continue to thrive. Tourists spend roundly a billion dollars a year in the Busselton Margaret River region and Dunsborough and its environs play a crucial part in the region’s current tourism mix.

The town’s continued rapid growth is testimony to its wonderful attractions for visitors. For this reason, we see a crucial need to protect and conserve the environment and character that has drawn visitors to our region. Tourism, which has underpinned the town’s growth, could in future be jeopardised by that same growth. By following a clear vision, which the Precinct Structure Plan outlines, planning authorities can help to ensure that visitors will continue to love Dunsborough for all the right reasons.

MRBTA therefore supports all efforts to develop and promulgate policies which help sustain a village atmosphere in Dunsborough, with activated low-rise streetscapes.

For more information on the Precinct Structure Plan, please visit Precinct Structure Plan/Amendment 52