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Update: PALM Scheme Information Session

SW Labour Solutions presented this information session for members to learn more about:

  • Options for recruiting workers through the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme
  • Services provided by SW Labour Solutions including recruitment and worker accommodation.

Find a summary of the key takeaways from the session and a recording  below.

Key Takeaways:

  • SW Labour Solutions are approved employers for the PALM Scheme and invite businesses seeking staffing solutions to get in touch to have a detailed discussion about options relevant for their business. Labour and market testing is required to demonstrate that the need for workers cannot be satisfied by the local workforce. SW Labour Solutions can assist with this process.
  • Many PALM Scheme workers employed by SW Labour Solutions come with extensive hospitality experience having worked in quality resorts in Fiji. The scheme provides the following options: 9 month visa for inexperienced workers or between 1-4 years for skilled workers. While workers are encouraged to return home between their visas, many return to the same roles, which helps businesses to secure experienced and skilled staff in the long term.
  • PALM Scheme workers must be employed in full-time roles, however there is some room for fluctuation as it can be averaged out over a 4 week period. Ideally, employers would be able to take on a group of PALM workers due to pastoral and logistics considerations. In cases where only a small number of staff is required (1-2) then SW Labour Solutions may look at grouping 4-5 employers to engage a group of workers between them – this is to ensure the workers have a good support network.
  • SW Labour Solutions works with the business to conduct interviews and undertake candidate selection. Once confirmed, SW Labour will make visa, transport and accommodation arrangements. This process can take around 3 months from initiation to having a worker in place.
  • SW Labour Solutions pays workers award rates and then covers flights, superannuation, payroll tax and workers compensation within their margin. Accommodation and transport costs are deducted from wages to cover costs (not to make profit). Transportation is offered for groups both to work and social activities.
  • A formal agreement is put in place with SW Labour Solutions linking workers with your business. Regular reviews are undertaken to ensure that the arrangements are working for everyone involved. Employers are responsible for worker supervision, OH&S while on site.

For a detailed discussion on whether this option is appropriate for your business and how to get started, please contact SW Labour Solutions on 08 9758 8136 or via email.