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Seasonal reminder from WA Police for accommodation operators

By November 7, 2023November 9th, 2023Industry News & Updates, Public Relations

As we build into summer, outdoor event season and periods of peak visitation across the region, Officer in Charge, Sergeant Adams at Dunsborough Police Station has some timely advice for regional accommodation operators and short term holiday property managers:

“We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday in the region, but a good holiday can be upset by thieves who target unsecured or unattended valuable items while guests relax in their holiday accommodation or campground.

Please remind your guests that just because they are on holidays, thieves are not.”

Most theft is opportunistic when items are left unsecured or properties left unlocked. Common items stolen include:

  • wallets, handbags and credit cards
  • mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices
  • generators, tools & barbeques
  • trailers, boats, and jet skis
  • bicycles, surfboards & fishing rods
  • clothing, food & alcohol

WA Police can provide a number of free resources or advice to your properties, to in turn, remind guests to lock doors & keep valuables out of site:

Dunsborough and Yallingup properties are invited to contact Sergeant Adams at Dunsborough Police Station on 08 9781 3044 to register for a brochure pack or more information. The Busselton and Margaret River Visitors Centres also stock information for regional visitors.