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Workshop Wrap: Mastering LGBTQ+ Inclusive Experiences | Nov 2023

The Mastering LGBTQ+ Inclusive Experiences workshop, held on Tuesday 21st November at Tanah Marah, was a fantastic session led by Charlie Douty, the Founder of Welcome with Pride & Husbands That Travel. Their “Welcome with Pride” accreditation program recognises operators committed to providing genuinely inclusive experiences for LGBTQIA+ visitors.

The event focused on a significant issue within the travel industry – the fact that more than 60% of LGBTQ+ travellers often feel compelled to conceal their identities during trips.

The workshop highlighted that symbolic gestures, such as displaying rainbow flags, might not be enough, with many members of the community expressing reservations about potential “pinkwashing.” The workshop stressed the importance of a more genuine and comprehensive commitment to inclusivity.

Attendees were presented with an exciting opportunity to tap into the business potential of the LGBTQ+ segment. They learned practical actions to ensure LGBTQ+ travellers feel safe, welcome, and have outstanding experiences.

The workshop emphasised that this market represents a significant portion of tourism revenue, underlining the potential for operators to unlock this lucrative sector. Businesses that wholeheartedly support their LGBTQ+ travellers were reported to enjoy significant brand loyalty from other LGBTQ+ travellers as well as their allies.

The workshop offered insights into the lived experiences and anxieties of LGBTQ+ travellers, strategies operators can adopt to create standout inclusive experiences, authentic marketing techniques, and the identification of inclusivity gaps to develop custom-made action plans.

Attendees not only gained valuable knowledge during the workshop but also became part of a network of operators championing inclusivity in the region. All attendees of the workshop are featured on’s Welcoming Travel landing page and are signified as LGBTQ+ Friendly,

Any members who were unable to attend this week’s session are welcome to contact Charlie to discuss alternative options to undertake the training: or email [email protected] for more details.

For all other enquiries, you can contact the Membership team, [email protected] or call 08 9780 5959.