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Updates to our events website listing process

Music festival Crowd

Some exciting news for your events listings!

Our diverse and vibrant events scene is one of the many reasons visitors have fallen in love with our region, and promoting these events is an important part of our destination marketing strategy.

Our stats have indicated that our events page has significantly growing popularity over the last few months, among visitors and locals alike.  

We have identified a number of ways we can make our events listing page even more user-friendly, inclusive and relevant, some of which we have already implemented. For example, we added some new easy-to-use filters, which have allowed us to build a more concise page layout. We have also added some new categories such as ’Movies and Cinemas’, ‘Live Music’ and ‘Local Markets’ to make the customer journey as intuitive as possible.  The calendar can also be downloaded as a PDF so you can share with your visitors, just select a date range and click ‘print events’. 

But we aren’t done yet. We’re keen to capture even more of the fantastic events happening in our region, and invite you to continue sharing them with us. If you have any questions about the event submission process, please get in touch with our Industry Development Team. 


For one-off events 

Please continue to use our Events Submission Form. Please refer to our current event listings to get a feeling for the style we are after. There is no need to provide more than a brief summary of the events, as we’ll lead people to your own events page for more details. Please avoid the word ‘we’ or ‘us’, such as “we invite you” in your copy. Your supplied image is an invaluable part of the event submission, but please keep in mind that we are only able to use images with high resolution and without text or logos on them. If you have any questions about our requirements for event listings, please get in touch with us. 


For recurring events (e.g. regular free live music)

Individual Event Submission Forms are no longer required. If you’d like us to promote your recurring events on the website, simply send us a monthly or quarterly list of your planned events, including details such as event name/featured artist (please feel free to include a link if you have an events page), date, start and finish time. This will make the event promotion process more streamlined from both our ends, and will allow us to promote more events as well as take a more curated approach to our events page. We have successfully trialled this approach with movies for a few months now and are excited to roll out this out for other types of events as well, especially live music.  

Please use the list below as a reference when submitting your recurring events. For this type of event, only one image is required as there will be only one listing. You are welcome to send us an updated image from time to time to keep the page more interesting. 

Event name/featured artist  Event Link  Event date  Event start time  Event finish time 

We look forward to exploring the potential that these changes will bring to our event listings, and thank you for your support in keeping events an exciting space in the Margaret River Region.