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MRBTA Strategic Directions 2022-2025

MRBTA’s vision is that tourism can, and should, be a positive force in our regional community. In economic terms, almost 1 in 5 local jobs depend on tourism, but we believe the industry should go much further and enrich, deepen and sustain all of the things that make this a unique place to live and work.

MRBTA Strategic Directions 2022-25 looks at the kind of visitors we wish to attract, how to ensure that the region is able to sustain the impacts of tourism activity, and the way in which tourism can benefit the whole community of this place we cherish.

We believe that tourism will continue to be a leading industry in our region:

  • When it attracts visitors who are responsive to and aligned with the values of our community,
  • When its contribution in support of our community’s economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing ensures that tourism is truly a regenerative rather than an extractive industry
  • With the inspiration of 60,000 years of continuous occupation by the Wadandi people, which is of profound lasting benefit to the region and its people.

MRBTA’s Capes Foundation

Central to the Strategic Directions is the establishment of Capes Foundation. Capes Foundation is a division of MRBTA that undertakes conservation & restoration, provides education & interpretation, and encourages enjoyment and appreciation of nature and heritage. Capes Foundation operates four caves, two lighthouses, an adventure ropes course, and cares for birds of prey at Eagles Heritage. The division also operates ground handling at Busselton Airport. 

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