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Use the Your Margaret River Region logo and WIN!

As one strong organisation, the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association is in an unprecedented position to invest in campaigns that deliver the ‘Your Margaret River Region‘ brand message to local, national and international audiences.

Read on to find out how to leverage the benefits of the brand for your own business, and how to WIN a year’s free MRBTA membership!

The Your Margaret River Region logo itself is constructed of five thumbprints, from five individuals. Each print represents one of five groups of experiences that can be had in the Region.

These five prints meet in the centre of the mark, representing the Region as one of the very few places in the world where all of these experiences can be enjoyed. While the prints change, the structure remains the same, creating a symbol that expresses both the diversity and the connectedness of our community.

Discover the full brand story, including the in-depth research that sits behind its creation, and learn about the creative process at

Learn more about the brand

Request the Your Margaret River Region logo via [email protected] and we’ll send you the logo via email. The logo is available in a number of different formats, e.g. full colour and monochrome.

Here are some ideas about where you could feature the logo:

  • Your website (see Mandalay Holiday Resort website, right)
  • Your brochures
  • Your newsletters
  • Your marketing campaign materials

If you’re working with a designer, we also have EPS versions of the logo available.

Request the logo now

Email us with an image or a link showing the logo in use in your company materials before 31 August 2016, and you will go into a prize draw to win a free one year membership for your business for the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association, worth up to $470.

Send us your examples before 31 August 2016

You don’t have to stop at using the official brand logo. Your Margaret River Region brand is an ‘open-source’ brand; that is, a brand that you can develop just by taking it on board and using in your own way.

Whether it’s the print of your winemaker on every bottle you ship (see Knee Deep’s wine bottle right), or your chef ’s print on the corner of your restaurant’s menu, or the owners’ prints at the top of your website, we ask you to express your pride in your product and region on everything you do.

For further inspiration and instructions on how to use your print, visit

If you’d like to discuss an idea around using the brand, please get in touch via email.