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Facilities & Extras

The below information guides you through all the different details you can add in the ‘Facilities & Extras’ section of your console.

General From Pricing

*Essentials members only

This field gives you the ability to add a ‘General From Price‘ to your listing to give visitors an idea of the average cost of visiting your business which will show on the top-right of your listing.

  • You have a choice of optional prefixes and suffixes to add to the price to better help the visitor understand your pricing.

Pricing for each individual bookable product (i.e rooms/tours/experiences) will feed through from Bookeasy. This will appear next to the product in the Accommodation/Experiences section at the bottom of your listing.


Clicking on the ‘Facilities’ box will provide you with a list of facilities relevant to your business type.  Simply click the relevant facility to add to your listing.  This list of facilities has been carefully curated to create a ‘tidier’ website that is easier for consumers to use.

PDF (Menu or Guide)

You are welcome to upload a PDF document here that helps visitors to learn more about what you do.  You will be prompted to add in an expiry date that will hide the PDF from view.  This is to ensure that all content on your listing is up to date.

Australian Tourism Accreditation

If you have completed Australian Tourism Accreditation, you can click this button and a badge will appear on your listing.  You will need to add in your accreditation number for verification.

Social Media

Providing links to your social media accounts as per the instructions will add a button to your listing to help visitors find your content and learn more about your offerings.

NOTE: Please look carefully at the required formula for adding your social media accounts.  Errors here will mean that the link will not work.

Includes: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Trip Advisor, Youtube

Need Help?

Please do not hesitate to contact the Membership team on (08) 9780 5959 or at [email protected].

We are here to help you with any questions or issues and are always happy to receive your feedback.