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Logging In To Your
Member Console


The guide below provides you with information on how to access your MRBTA Member Console and how to navigate the Dashboard.

Logging In

1.  Head to

2. Click ‘Member Login

3. Then ‘MRBTA Login’ and use your MRBTA Corporate Account Details.

  • Bookable members: you can use your Bookeasy login to ensure your bookable product is up to date and ready for bookings.  Find out more in ‘Working With Bookeasy‘.
  • It is handy to keep a record of your username and password somewhere that any members of your team who use the Corporate account are able to access it.
  • The membership team can provide you with your username and the email address linked to your account.  You can reset your password through the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link.

4. This will take you to your MRBTA Member Dashboard which is where you can access your listings as well as check past orders and update your account details.

  • Essentials Members: This Dashboard is where you will find your Click-Through Counter that tallies the number of conversions from your listing to your own website.

You can click the ‘Help‘ button at any time which will open the Online Setup Guide in a new page.

You can also switch back to the Home Page of the Corporate site using the button at the top-right of the page. This is where you will go to:

  • order maps & magazines;
  • RSVP to Member Mingles;
  • purchase marketing inclusions;
  • find training & development opportunities
  • read MRBTA and Industry news

Updating Your Listing

1.  Click ‘Listings’ at the top of the dashboard. This will show you the status of each of the listings attached to your account.

  • New: No content added;
  • Draft: Update begun but not yet submitted to Membership;
  • Pending: Update submitted to Membership for approval. The listing will be locked to prevent issues with versions.  The Membership team endeavour to process updates as soon as possible. Please contact the Membership team if you need your listing to be unlocked.
  • Published: Update approved and published.  You can make changes to a published listing at any time.  Be sure to save any updates and publish once complete to submit to Membership for review.
  • Declined: Update declined and needs review.  You will be emailed detailed notes with required actions to complete updating your listing.

2.  If you have not yet begun updating your content you will be invited to ‘Start Wizard‘.  If you have previously updated you can click the pencil icon to continue updating.

  • To edit a particular section you can click the dots icon and select the required section from the drop-down menu.
  • If a lock icon is showing beside your listing, it is currently pending with the Membership team and will be processed as soon as possible. Please contact Membership if you require your listing to be unlocked.

Need Help?

Please do not hesitate to contact the Membership team on (08) 9780 5959 or at [email protected].

We are here to help you with any questions or issues and are always happy to receive your feedback.