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As a bookable accommodation operator, your console contains the ‘Rooms’ section so that you can provide detailed information to visitors on your different accommodation types.

Your list of room types will feed through from Bookeasy.  Please note, if you are adding or removing a room type you need to do so in BOTH the Console and Bookeasy. If you have added a new tour in Bookeasy and it isn’t showing you can click ‘Load New Tours From Bookeasy’.If you have added a new room in Bookeasy and it isn’t showing you can click ‘Load New Rooms From Bookeasy’.

The below information will guide you through updating your accommodation types on

Working With Bookeasy


Please read the Working With Bookeasy page for a detailed summary of how & where information on your product pulls through to and to the MRBTA Visitor Servicing team.

While your direct link now offers visitors the opportunity to book with you direct, our MRBTA Visitor Servicing teams are still able to book your product using Bookeasy for the enquiries we receive internally.

This means that your rates and availability need to be maintained in Bookeasy, whether manually or via your Channel Manager.


Items listed below need to be kept up to date in BOTH Bookeasy and the Console.  This is because the information in Bookeasy also feeds through to the visitor itinerary and is used by the MRBTA Visitor Servicing teams when booking your product.

  • Check In/Check Out;
  • Room Descriptions;
  • Property Facilities;
  • Directions;
  • Important Information;
  • Operator Terms & Conditions (including Cancellation Policies);
  • Booking Questions.

Your Room Types List

Deleting a room type:

Selecting the ‘Bin’ icon will delete this room type from your Console and all the content contained in the room type will be removed.  Deleting a room type does not deactivate it in Bookeasy. To completely deactivate a room type you will need to do so in Bookeasy also. This feature is useful if this room type no longer exists, if it is unavailable temporarily it is better to use the hide function detailed below as this will save your content to be used in future.

Hiding a room type: 

Selecting the ‘Eye‘ icon will hide this room type from your listing,  however it will still be available in Bookeasy.  This allows for the content to be saved in the console should you wish to reactivate this room type in future.  If you would like to completely deactivate a room type you need to do so in Bookeasy.

Editing content:

Selecting the ‘Pencil’ icon allows you edit each room type’s content.

Reordering Rooms:

You can change the order that the rooms appear on your listing by clicking and dragging each room type into the preferred order.

Editing Room Types

Copy Info From Other Room: If you have updated a similar room type in the console already, you can select this button to feed the information through to this room type.  On pressing the button you will be provided a drop-down list of your other room types to choose the relevant one to copy. Once selected, press ‘To This Room‘ to confirm.

Name: This will automatically feed through from Bookeasy to ensure consistency.

Accommodation type: choose from the drop-down list.

Description: an inspiring, practical and brief summary of the room/property and amenities. Try to make this vary as much as possible from the copy in your ‘Details’ section. An editor is available for bold and bulleted text.

What else you should know: extra or special services and inclusions, check-in information, extra fees & costs.

Accessibility: details on accessibility/considerations for people with disabilities or mobility issues.

Amenities: choose from the drop-down list.

Bedrooms: select the number of  rooms from the drop-down list.  You can then add multiple bedding types for each room by clicking on the bed type from the drop-down list.

No. of Bathrooms: choose from the drop-down list.

Bedding Type: choose from the drop-down list.

Room photos: Try to make these vary as much as possible from the images in your general ‘Photos’ section.  Read the ‘Photos‘ guide for some tips on effective imagery. We recommend adding enough images to give visitors a great impression of the accommodation.

  • High resolution (minimum 1280 x 1024 pixels).
  • Landscape orientation.
  • Professional photography is recommended.

Need Help?

Please do not hesitate to contact the Membership team on (08) 9780 5959 or at [email protected].

We are here to help you with any questions or issues and are always happy to receive your feedback.